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John Elway announced his desire for Tom Brady to pursue his career in the New England Patriots

John Elway

Before the eminent free agency of Tom Brady in the NFL, a sports legend spoke about it. John Elway, the glory of the league, revealed that he wants the quarterback to continue with the New England Patriots, a statement that surely caught the attention of several franchise supporters.

"From my point of view, I hope not," said Elway about the option that Brady leaves New England. "That depends on Tom. However, when you think of Tom, you'll always see him as a patriot player."

Elway applauded the fact that Brady still wants to play football and admitted that it is respectable that he enjoys what other teams think about his game and value in the field.

"He wants to play and I applaud him. It will be interesting for him to explore and see what's out there. It's exciting for him to look around and see what's available. I'm glad he's thinking about playing again. It's great for the game and it's been great for this league. "

Elway is the current general manager of the Denver Broncos, a team he played with throughout his career and took him to the Hall of Fame.

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