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Which universities produce more talent for the NFL? - 2020 Update

Important notes:

1) The following list is based on the rosters of 53 players from all teams in the NFL players, presented on September 3, 2019. Does not include players on the reserve list.

2) In collegiate football there are three divisions that divide universities according to their size. For practical purposes, in this article we will only focus on the first division.

Division I of the NCAA

11. Sun Belt Conference- Sun Belt

Since 2016, it remains in eleventh place in the ranking although its contribution of players has decreased to 21 compared to the 31 it had. Troy University takes the throne, with 5 players.

10. FBS Independents

Difficult to compete for independent teams, with just seven teams that could only contribute 35 players, it decreased to 37 from four years ago. The main talent exporting university in this group is Notre Dame with 25 players.

9. Mid-American Conference- MAC

This conference also decreased its production from 2016 to date, from 51 to 46 players, with Central Michigan being its best exponent in the NFL with 10 players.

8. Conference USA – C-USA

It has just 58 players in the NFL. The University of Southern Mississippi was crowned as the best conference program with 9 players.

7. Mountain West Conference – MWC

We continue with the downward trend in the MWC that fell from 67 to 65 players from 2016 to date, with Boise State and Colorado State universities being the best representatives with 9 players in the NFL each.

6. The American

The first conference of the ranking to move to three-digit numbers in player production, reaching just 100 in 2019. Central Florida and Temple tie with 16 players each.

5. Big 12 Conference- Big 12

Here the line is drawn to talk about the great talent-producing conferences with big programs like the one at the University of Texas. The Big 12 brings 131 players to the NFL, with Oklahoma being 31 the undisputed king of the group.

4. Pac-12 Conference- Pac 12

Another of the great factories of the NFL, although with a downward trend, now has 189 players in the NFL. USC and Oregon were knocked out by Stanford and Washington at the top with 25 players each.

3. Atlantic Coast Conference – ACC

Despite the success of one of the heavyweights like Clemson in recent years the rest of the conference has weakened from 243 representatives (second place in the ranking) to only 215. The University of Miami is a leader with 34 players in the NFL .

2. Big Ten Conference- Big Ten

One of the big winners of the ranking, the Big Ten conference significantly increased its production of 2016 (224) to date with 253 players, largely thanks to the substantial improvement of Ohio State that passed from 26 to 45 players to become in the second best collegiate program in the nation. It is followed by Penn State, which increased its production from 25 to 28 players.

1. Southeastern Conference – SEC

There is no surprise, the best college football conference in the United States remains the SEC, which increased its participation from 307 to 339 players in four years. Thus, Between the first and second place we can see where the talents lost by the other conferences went. The University of Alabama is dedicated at the same time as the best collegiate program in the country with 56 players, followed by Florida with 35 and the current champion LSU with 32.

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